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Simultaneous accumulation of multiple viral coat proteins from a TEV-NIa based expression vector.

We previously described an expression cassette that relies on the tobacco etch virus (TEV) nuclear inclusion a (NIa) protease and leads to the coordinated accumulation of multiple proteins through self processing of a polyprotein [21]. However, low levels of proteins accumulated when the full-length protease was encoded within the polyprotein [22]. Studies were conducted to evaluate whether the disruption of NIa nuclear localization would affect the levels of proteins produced via the cassette. Modifications comprised either removal of its nuclear localization signals (NLSs), removal of the VPg domain (which includes the NLSs), and fusion to the 6 kDa protein, previously demonstrated to be a viral cytoplasmic anchor [28]. In in vitro translation reactions and in vivo protoplast experiments the modified NIa retained sequence-specific proteolysis. Moreover, the removal of the NLSs correlated with an increase in GUS reporter accumulation. The modified cassette, pPRO10, led to the synthesis of up to three viral coat protein (CPs) in addition to NIa. However, the accumulation of proteins in protoplasts depended upon the position of the CP coding sequence within the cassette as well as on the stability of the protein.[1]


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