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A clinical, pharmacologic, and polysomnographic study of sleep benefit in Parkinson's disease.

We assessed the effect of sleep benefit on motor performance in Parkinson's disease (PD) and analyzed its relation to pharmacologic and sleep measures. The sleep benefit phenomenon-motor improvement after sleep before drug intake-in patients with PD has been addressed by questionnaire studies, but objective data are scarce. Ten PD patients with sleep benefit were pairwisely matched to 10 PD patients without sleep benefit for gender, age, PD symptom duration, and medications. We examined motor performance at night before sleep, during morning baseline state immediately after spontaneous awakening, and continuously after intake of the usual levodopa dose. Plasma levodopa concentrations were measured serially and all-night polysomnography was performed. Between night and morning evaluations, motor state improved slightly in patients with sleep benefit and deteriorated slightly in patients without sleep benefit. The difference between both groups proved to be significant. After levodopa induced "on" state, patients with sleep benefit had more severe interdose "off" than those without. Levodopa concentrations and polysomnographic findings were similar in both conditions, although there was a trend toward more abnormal sleep measures in sleep benefit patients. Sleep benefit is a small but significant phenomenon. It does not clearly relate to a specific sleep variable; however, patients with sleep benefit showed a different response profile to levodopa. Subjective perception or possibly sensory mechanisms could play an additional role in sleep benefit in PD.[1]


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