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Gene Review

TUBA8  -  tubulin, alpha 8

Homo sapiens

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High impact information on TUBA8

  • A genomic DNA sequence from the chromosomal region 22q11 allowed us to determine the complete structure of the TUBA8 gene that mirrors the canonical exon/intron organization of the vertebrate alpha-tubulin genes [1].
  • We have cloned and sequenced a cDNA from a human adult skeletal muscle cDNA library, encoding for a novel isoform of alpha-tubulin (tuba8) that is preferentially expressed in heart, skeletal muscle, and testis [1].
  • The sequence peculiarity of the human and murine tuba8 strongly suggests that they might have functional significance and, according to the multi-tubulin hypothesis, that they might play specific functional roles in the cell cytoskeleton [1].
  • CPNE8, PRICKLE1, Q6ZUQ4 and TUBA8 were mapped to the interval for pig AMC between microsatellites SW152 and SW904 [2].
  • Three SNPs in TUBA8 co-segregated with the AMC phenotype in 230 pigs of our research population without recombination and could be used as a genetic marker test for AMC [2].


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