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Rapid cycling mood disorder: clinical and demographic features.

Rapid cycling bipolar disorder is defined as four or more illness episodes per year. We compared demographic, clinical, and symptomatological features of subjects with rapid cycling bipolar disorder (RC) and those with non-rapid-cycling bipolar disorder (NR). Five hundred ninety-five subjects (RC = 275, NR = 320), were included in the study. Subjects were assessed using the Operational Criteria for Psychotic Illness checklist (OPCRIT, n = 496), the Hamilton Rating Scale for Depression (HAMD, n = 47), the Social Adjustment Scale ( SAS, n = 160), and the Self-Esteem Scale (SES, n = 160). RC were older at the time of assessment and with more medical illnesses. RC showed a lower risk for psychotic and disorganised features, particularly within bipolar I disorder. Finally, bipolar I RC showed a lower risk for violent suicide attempt. Our findings suggest that rapid cycling bipolar disorder is a condition characterized by less severe psychotic and suicidal features, particularly within bipolar I disorder.[1]


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