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Genetic association analysis of LRCH1 as an osteoarthritis susceptibility locus.

OBJECTIVE: A genetic association with knee osteoarthritis (OA) of a single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) in intron 1 of the LRCH1 gene was recently reported in a UK Caucasian case-control sample and confirmed in a Newfoundland Caucasian sample. Our objective was to assess whether the SNP was associated with OA in our large UK Caucasian sample. METHODS: The SNP was genotyped in 1521 cases that had undergone elective joint replacement of the hip (1098 cases), of the knee (340 cases) or of the hip and knee (83 cases) due to end-stage primary OA. The SNP was also genotyped in 736 controls of similar ages in the cases. RESULTS: There was no significant difference (all P-values >0.05) in genotype or allele frequencies between our cases and our controls. There was also no significant difference when the cases were stratified by sex, by joint replaced or by sex combined with joint replaced. CONCLUSION: Our data on 2257 individuals implies that the LRCH1 intron 1 SNP is not a risk factor for OA aetiology of the knee or of the hip in our UK Caucasian sample.[1]


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