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Failure of familial Alzheimer's disease to segregate with the A4-amyloid gene in several European families.

The gene coding for the amyloid protein, a component of neuritic plaques found in brain tissue from patients with Alzheimer's disease, has been localized to chromosome 21, and neighbouring polymorphic DNA markers segregate with Alzheimer's disease in several large families. These data, and the association of Alzheimer's disease with Down's syndrome, suggest that overproduction of the amyloid protein, or production of an abnormal variant of the protein, may be the underlying pathological change causing Alzheimer's disease. We have identified a restriction fragment length polymorphism of the A4-amyloid gene, and find recombinants in two Alzheimer's disease families between Alzheimer's disease and the A4-amyloid locus. This demonstrates that the gene for plaque core A4-amyloid cannot be the locus of a defect causing Alzheimer's disease in these families. These data indicate that alterations in the plaque core amyloid gene cannot explain the molecular pathology for all cases of Alzheimer's disease.[1]


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