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The neu oncogene encodes an epidermal growth factor receptor-related protein.

The neu oncogene is repeatedly activated in neuro- and glioblastomas derived by transplacental mutagenesis of the BDIX strain of rat with ethylnitrosourea. Foci induced by the DNAs from such tumours on NIH 3T3 cells contain the neu oncogene and an associated phosphoprotein of relative molecular mass 185,000 (p185). Previous work has shown that the neu gene is related to, but distinct from, the gene encoding the EGF receptor (c-erb-B). Here we describe a neu complementary DNA clone isolated from a cell line transformed by this oncogene; the clone has biological activity in a focus-forming assay. The nucleotide sequence of this clone predicts a 1,260-amino-acid transmembrane protein product similar in overall structure to the EGF receptor. We found that 50% of the predicted amino acids of neu and the EGF receptor are identical; greater than 80% of the amino acids in the tyrosine kinase domain are identical. Our results suggest strongly that the neu gene encodes the receptor for an as yet unidentified growth factor.[1]


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