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Chemical Compound Review

NSC-10855     2-aminopentanedioic acid; 2,6...

Synonyms: NSC10855, SBB068595, AR-1J1187, AKOS015918392, AC1L5CH1, ...
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Disease relevance of Lysine glutamate

  • In particular, lysine-glutamate salt bridges between residues on helices alpha(2) and alpha(4), which were observed in both human and E. coli proteins, are not present in the chimeric protein [1].

High impact information on Lysine glutamate

  • METHODS: The patients were infused with two liters of a commercially-available nutritive amino acid solution (containing approximately 2.25 g/liter lysine-glutamate and 2.50 g/liter arginine), whereas 75 control patients received the same volume of saline (quantification of organ and tumor kinetics from conjugate whole-body views by ROI technique) [2].


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