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Chemical Compound Review

TETRADECANAL     tetradecanal

Synonyms: Myristaldehyde, n-Tetradecanal, Aldehyde C-14, AGN-PC-00FBB9, CPD-7886, ...
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Disease relevance of myristaldehyde

  • The ald1 gene was stably expressed in Escherichia coli, and the gene product (recombinant Ald1 [rAld1]) was purified to apparent homogeneity by gel electrophoresis. rAld1 showed enzyme activity toward n-alkanals (C(4) to C(14)), with a preference for longer carbon chains within the tested range; the highest activity was obtained with tetradecanal [1].

High impact information on myristaldehyde

  • Each luciferase produces a "fluorescent transient" intermediate on reaction with the bioluminescence substrates, FMNH2, tetradecanal, and O2, and all have a fluorescence quantum yield about 0.3, with a predominant lifetime around 10 ns [2].


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