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Chemical Compound Review

Crisapon     2,2-dichloropropanoic acid

Synonyms: Dalascam, Basinex, DALAPON, Kenapon, Liropon, ...
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High impact information on Sys-Omnidel

  • Direct plating of the activated sludge onto minimal media supplemented with 22DCPA resulted in biomass and DNA from which dehalogenases were amplified [1].
  • Culture-dependent and culture-independent approaches were used to determine the relationship between the dehalogenase gene pool in bacteria enriched and isolated on 2,2-dichloropropionic acid (22DCPA) and the environmental metagene pool (the collective gene pool of both the culturable and uncultured microbes) from which they were isolated [1].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Sys-Omnidel

  • The albusure test (AT), alatex agglutination nephelometric immunoassay, is a rapid and low cost test for the detection of microalbuminuria of 30 mg/L or more [2].


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