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Chemical Compound Review

AGN-PC-00BKFN     (3,7-dimethylocta-2,6- dienoxy-hydroxy...

Synonyms: AG-F-34187, AG-J-09476, CTK1C2462, CTK5J8964, AC1L19WK, ...
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High impact information on Geranyl diphosphate

  • The amino acid sequence (molecular mass approximately 39 kDa) is homologous to polyprenyl-diphosphate synthases from different organisms, showing the seven conserved motifs and the typical hydrophobic profile [1].
  • A kinetic study shows substrate inhibition by isopentenyl-PP at concentrations above 0.7 microM when the concentration of geranyl-PP is 1.0 microM or less as a result of binding by the homoallylic substrate to the allylic region of the active site [2].

Associations of Geranyl diphosphate with other chemical compounds

  • We found that analogue 1d displaces approximately the same volume of the active site as does FPP, whereas GPP and analogues 1a-c occupy lesser volumes and 1e occupies a slightly larger volume [3].


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