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Chemical Compound Review

Ethyl decylate     ethyl decanoate

Synonyms: Ethyl caprate, NSC-8909, AG-D-27827, ACMC-20995x, ANW-16147, ...
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High impact information on capric acid ethyl ester

  • The fibers were tested for the headspace extraction of several organic compounds (o-xylene, naphthalene, ethyl caprate, p-chlorotoluene and PCB) prior to gas chromatographic analysis [1].
  • At 20 mM ethyl decanoate where the hydrolysis rate remained the same between 0.25% and 1.0% GA, the surface area of droplets was narrowly distributed at 0.25% and 1.0% GA [2].
  • The relationship between the kinetics of the lipase-catalyzed oil hydrolysis and the surface area distribution of oil droplets was investigated using ethyl decanoate and gum Arabic (GA) as a model oil and an emulsifier, respectively [2].


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