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Gene Review

nodL  -  NodL Nod factor acetyltransferase

Sinorhizobium meliloti 1021

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Disease relevance of nodL

  • By using a gain-of-function approach, we showed that the presence of nodL, and hence of O-acetylated Nod factors, is a major prerequisite for confering the ability to nodulate alfalfa upon the heterologous bacterium Rhizobium tropici [1].

High impact information on nodL

  • In contrast, double nodF/nodL mutants were unable to penetrate into legume hosts and to form ITs [2].
  • The first gene of this operon is identical to the nodL gene identified by Baev and Kondorosi (1992) in R. meliloti strain AK631 [1].
  • In addition, it was shown that the nodM and nodN genes are in one operon which is preceded by a conserved 'nod-box' sequence, whereas the nodL gene is in the same operon as the nodFE genes [3].
  • Nucleotide sequence of the Rhizobium meliloti nodL gene located in locus n5 of the nod regulon [4].


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