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Gene Review

cog-1  -  Protein COG-1

Caenorhabditis elegans

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High impact information on cog-1

  • We positionally cloned cog-1 and found that it encodes a homeobox protein most similar to the mammalian GTX and Nkx6.1 proteins [1].
  • We report the characterization of the cog-1 gene, mutations in which cause novel phenotypes in late patterning in vulval lineages, establishment of the vulva-uterine connection, development and function of the spermathecal-uterine junction, and the development of vas deferens-proctodeal connection in the male [1].
  • We show that G.U base pairing is tolerated in the 'seed' region of the lsy-6 miRNA interaction with its in vivo target cog-1, and that 6- to 8-base-pair perfect seed pairing is not a generally reliable predictor for an interaction of lsy-6 with a 3' untranslated region (UTR) [2].


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