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Gene Review

Edpm1  -  Estrogen-dependent pituitary mass QTL 1

Rattus norvegicus

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High impact information on Edpm1

  • To examine the effect of the Edpm QTL on biochemical components of tumor growth, we tested their effects in 138 progeny of a backcross to the F344 strain which were given a 10-week chronic estrogen treatment [1].
  • Estrogen-dependent pituitary growth is due to variation in a group of quantitative trait loci (QTL), called Edpm for estrogen-dependent pituitary mass, that we previously identified in an F(2) intercross of F344 and the tumor-resistant Brown Norway strain [1].
  • In contrast, the QTL Edpm2-1 and Edpm9-2, which have been shown to each have a significant effect on estrogen-dependent pituitary mass of a magnitude similar to Edpm5, do not have any effect on VEGF level [2].

Biological context of Edpm1


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