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Gene Review

SNORA70  -  small nucleolar RNA, H/ACA box 70

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: DXS648E, RNU70, U70
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High impact information on SNORA70

  • Replacing Mg2+ with Mn2+ causes broadening of certain imino proton peaks in the NMR spectrum, indicating a specific divalent metal ion binding site in the vicinity of the major identity element of the duplex (G3-U70) that is required for its recognition by the Ala-tRNA synthetase [1].
  • Plasma phenylalanine was significantly higher with the U70 diet at 2300 than with the other three diets [2].
  • Lysine was significantly higher at 0700 with the U70 diet than with the other three diets [2].
  • Only plasma concentrations of alanine changed during the day, dropping significantly (P<0.05) at 2300 and 0300 with the U70 diet [2].


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