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Gene Review

eya  -  eyes absent

Drosophila melanogaster

Synonyms: BcDNA:LD16029, CG9554, CLI, CLIFT, Developmental protein eyes absent, ...
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High impact information on eya

  • Loss- and gain-of-function analyses suggest that the 3' eye enhancer is synergistically activated by a combination of eya, so and dpp signaling, and only indirectly activated by ey, whereas the 5' eye enhancer is primarily regulated by ey, acting in concert with eya and so [1].
  • The transcriptional coactivator eya controls essential cellular functions during organogenesis of Drosophila [2].
  • Ectopic expression of ey can induce the expression of several eye-specification genes (eya, so, and dac) and induce eye formation in multiple locations on the body [3].


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