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Gene Review

APH1A  -  APH1A gamma secretase subunit

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: 6530402N02Rik, APH-1, APH-1A, APH-1a, Aph-1alpha, ...
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High impact information on APH1A

  • Only the combined overexpression of PS1 and NCT together with APH-1a G122D facilitated the formation of a fully active gamma-secretase complex [1].
  • We conclude that cooperative effects may stabilize a trim-eric complex of APH-1a G122D together with PS1 and NCT [1].
  • Under these conditions, APH-1a G122D supported the production of normal amounts of Abeta [1].
  • Here we show that both APH-1a splice forms and APH-1b are expressed in peripheral and neuronal cells [2].
  • Using the APH-1 protein encoded on human chromosome 1 (APH-1(1)L; also known as APH-1a) as an archetype, we report here that endogenous forms of APH-1 are predominantly expressed in intracellular membrane compartments, including the endoplasmic reticulum and cis-Golgi [3].

Biological context of APH1A


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