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Chromosomes, Human

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Associations of Chromosomes, Human with chemical compounds

  • The presence of a human-specific enzyme identified by this method correlated with the presence of a particular human chromosome permitting assignments of the human cytoplasmic forms of NADP-linked IDH, human PGI, and human HGPRT genes to chromosomes 2, 19, and X, respectively [29].
  • Differential fluorescent staining of human chromosomes with daunomycin and adriamycin--the d-bands [30].
  • The p75/AIRM1 gene is located on human chromosome 19 and encodes a novel member of the sialoadhesin family characterized by three immunoglobulin-like extracellular domains (one NH(2)-terminal V-type and two C2-type) and a classical immunoreceptor tyrosine-based inhibitory motif (ITIM) in the cytoplasmic portion [31].
  • Serological analysis of hybrids containing defined segments of human chromosome 11 permitted the regional assignment of genes controlling antigens JF23 (90 kD glycoprotein), G344 (25 kD), T43 (85 kD), A124, and NP13 to chromosome 11pter-q13, and of genes controlling Q14 (130 kD), MC139 (35 kD), and K117 (25 kD) to chromosome 11q13-qter [32].
  • Organization of the genes encoding complement receptors type 1 and 2, decay-accelerating factor, and C4-binding protein in the RCA locus on human chromosome 1 [33].

Gene context of Chromosomes, Human

  • We assigned TRPS1 to human chromosome 8q24 [34].
  • Here we report a locus for dominant deafness, DFNA36, which maps to human chromosome 9q13-21 in a region overlapping the DFNB7/B11 locus for recessive deafness [35].
  • Clues to the function of APP derive from the recent finding that it is a member of a highly conserved protein family that includes the mammalian amyloid precursor-like protein (APLP1) gene which maps to the same general region of human chromosome 19 linked to late-onset FAD [36].
  • The fact that the mutated alleles were inherited from the parents in one affected family and were not found in ethnically matched controls suggests that mutation of RECQL4 at human chromosome 8q24.3 is responsible for at least some cases of RTS [37].
  • GJB3 was mapped to human chromosome 1p33-p35 [38].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Chromosomes, Human


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