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Gene Review

APG2  -  Sec-independent protein translocase...

Arabidopsis thaliana

Synonyms: ALBINO AND PALE GREEN 2, F23H14.8, F23H14_8, PGA2, TATC, ...
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High impact information on APG2

  • Immunoblot analysis detected no thylakoid membrane proteins such as D1, light-harvesting complex, and OE23 in apg2 plastids, whereas soluble proteins such as rubisco large and small subunits were not decreased [1].
  • The apg2 plastids were highly vacuolated, lacked internal membrane structures and lamellae of the thylakoid membrane, and contained many densely stained globule structures, like undifferentiated proplastids [1].
  • The APG2 gene product (named cpTatC) has sequence similarity with bacterial TatC and contains six putative transmembrane domains, including bacterial TatC proteins and a transit peptide in its N terminus. apg2 mutants showed albino phenotypes and could not grow in soil [1].


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