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Gene Review

LHCA2  -  photosystem I light harvesting complex...

Arabidopsis thaliana

Synonyms: LHCI-680, photosystem I light harvesting complex gene 2
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High impact information on LHCA2

  • We report a detailed characterization of the Lhca2 subunit using molecular biology, biochemistry, and spectroscopy and show that the 701-nm emission form originates from a broad absorption band at 690 nm [1].
  • Furthermore, thylakoids and isolated PSI without PSI-K had 20-30% less Lhca2 and 30-40% less Lhca3, whereas Lhca1 and Lhca4 were unaffected [2].
  • Levels of light-harvesting complex I proteins in plants, which lack simultaneously PSI-G and -K, indicate that PSI subunits other than G and K can also bind Lhca2 and 3 [3].
  • The results indicate that Lhca2/3 and Lhca1/4 each provides about equally effective energy transfer routes to the PSI core complex, and that Lhca5 provides a less effective energy transfer route [4].
  • The interdependence of levels of PSI-C, -D and -E, of -H and -L, and of Lhca2 and 3, which was previously proposed based on the study of single genotypes or on cross-linking experiments, was confirmed by our analyses [5].


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