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Gene Review

GTF2IRD2  -  GTF2I repeat domain containing 2

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: FLJ37938, FP630, GTF2I repeat domain-containing protein 2A, GTF2IRD2 alpha, GTF2IRD2A, ...
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Disease relevance of GTF2IRD2


High impact information on GTF2IRD2

  • Deletion breakpoints were precisely defined and were found to result in variability at two genes, NCF1 and GTF2IRD2 [2].
  • The comparison of GTF2I and GTF2IRD2 genes revealed two distinct regions of homology, indicating that the helix-loop-helix domain structure of the GTF2IRD2 gene has been generated by two independent genomic duplications [1].
  • In the present work, we characterize a third member, GTF2IRD2, which has sequence and structural similarity to the GTF2I and GTF2IRD1 paralogs [1].
  • Comparison of genomic sequences surrounding GTF2IRD2 genes in mice and humans allows refinement of the centromeric breakpoint position of the primate-specific inversion within the Williams-Beuren syndrome critical region [1].
  • The GTF2IRD2 protein contains two putative helix-loop-helix regions (I-repeats) and an unusual C-terminal CHARLIE8 transposon-like domain, thought to have arisen as a consequence of the random insertion of a transposable element generating a functional fusion gene [3].


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