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Gene Review

BUD2  -  Bud2p

Saccharomyces cerevisiae S288c

Synonyms: Bud site selection protein 2, CLA2, ERC25, Inhibitory regulator protein BUD2/CLA2, YKL092C, ...
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High impact information on BUD2

  • We have identified a gene, BUD5, that resembles BUD1 and BUD2 in being required for both patterns; bud5- mutants also exhibit random budding in all cell types [1].
  • Like Bud5, Bud2 associates with the axial division remnant, but rather than being inherited, Bud2 transiently associates with the remnant in late G1, before condensing into a patch at the incipient bud site [2].
  • The three remaining ORFs have no identity to known proteins within the databases screened and are not assigned ORF numbers as they are completely contained with ORFs YKL424 and YKL425 [3].

Regulatory relationships of BUD2

  • The relative timing of Bud5 and Bud2 localizations suggests that both regulators contribute to the spatially specific control of Bud1 GTPase [2].

Other interactions of BUD2


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