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High impact information on Telecommunications

  • Sampling approaches included placing a survey in the publication, The Consultant Dietitian, and disseminating at the following CD-HCF activities: the 1998 business meeting at ADA's Annual Meeting & Exhibition, a multi-state teleconference in December 1998, and conferences held between November 1998 to April 1999 [1].
  • Examples include: Journal articles and supplements; Self-study guides and disease monographs; Newsletters and meeting highlights; Interactive web sites; Interactive web or teleconferences; CD-ROM multimedia activities; Scripts for educational videos [2].
  • Focus groups and teleconferences were conducted with health workers, organisations and key individuals in the Wide Bay Region, Queensland, Australia. As a result, an education package has been designed that will provide specific training in violence against women for rural and remote health professionals working in the field [3].
  • The recognition of telegraphy masked by noise at 40 and 80 signs/min telegraphy speed was studied in 10 normal-hearing subjects at different sound pressure levels (25-85 dB SPL in steps of 5 dB) as well as at different test frequencies (2000, 1000, 800, 630, 500 and 250 Hz) [4].


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