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High impact information on Negativism

  • Five of these 12 behaviors, i.e., temper tantrums, irritability, complex repetitive behaviors (stereotypy)/mannerisms, obsessions/unusual preoccupations, and negativism, were identified by discriminant function analysis to significantly distinguish between controls and OCRL individuals [1].
  • BDHI mean total scores and suspiciousness and negativism subscales scores were significantly higher in SS individuals, in comparison with LL subjects, among heroin addicts [2].
  • These dimensions were Perfectionism, Negativism, Blame Proneness, Escapism, Anxious Over Concern, and Absolute Demands [3].
  • Analysis of variance and post hoc analysis with Duncan grouping revealed significant differences among cocaine users with different patterns of progression in terms of negativism, problem index for situations involving unpleasant emotions, problem index for situations involving urges, depression, somatic anxiety, and medical problems in the family [4].

Chemical compound and disease context of Negativism

  • Cocaine users with mild-moderate-severe progression had significantly less somatic anxiety than those with mild-severe progression and had less negativism and a lower problem index for urges than those with moderate-severe progression [4].


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