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High impact information on Brachiaria

  • In the Brachiaria hybrid, compared with rice, the smaller proportion of (14)C partitioned into sugars and the larger proportion into amino acids and organic acids in leaves coincided with decreased levels of sucrose and starch [1].
  • Brachiaria, predominantly an African genus, contains species, such as B. brizantha, an apomictic C4 grass, that are commercially important forage grasses in tropical America, where they now cover about 55 million hectares [2].
  • Effect of the tropical grass Brachiaria brizantha (Hochst. ex A. Rich.) Stapf on microbial population and activity in petroleum-contaminated soil [3].
  • Salt stress response and proline accumulation in Brachiaria humidicola plants with and without mycorrhizal inoculation [4].
  • The concentration of selected minerals and phytate in Malaysian Brachiaria decumbens [5].


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