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  • The common point of these neurons is that they all have axons lying, at least partly, at the outside of the axis constituted by the encephalon and the spinal medulla; this suggests that peripherin might play a role in the recognition of the axonal pathway through the intermediary of membrane proteins [2].
  • In the present study, we focused on a short dystrophin transcript named Dp71f, which is alternatively spliced when exon 78 is absent The topographic localization of this protein in the encephalon has not been properly described yet, nor its cellular or subcellular localization, and even less its functions [3].
  • Intense expression of FN in brain vessels ascending from the spinal cord towards the encephalon preceded the appearance of inflammatory cells but faded away after the establishment of the inflammatory cuff [4].
  • The animals were sacrificed 110 and 260 days after the operation; 24 hours before the operation on the encephalon, each was dosed with 6--3H thymidine [5].


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