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Motion Pictures

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Disease relevance of Motion Pictures


High impact information on Motion Pictures

  • SETTING: Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. PARTICIPANTS: All actors and actresses ever nominated for an academy award in a leading or a supporting role were identified (n = 762) [2].
  • Whether it is appropriate to exclude potential recipients solely due to lack of finances has received considerable interest including being the subject of a recent major motion picture (John Q, New Line Cinema, 2002) [3].
  • Succinyldicholine-induced return of the eyes to the basic deviation: a motion picture study [1].
  • To overcome these constraints, we evaluated the diagnostic image quality of digital video by using MPEG (Motion Picture Experts Group) compression [4].
  • The computer modelling of soft tissue has applications in the simulation of surgical procedures, product design, and in CAD generally as well as in motion pictures [5].

Gene context of Motion Pictures


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