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Gene Review

DPPA3  -  developmental pluripotency associated 3

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: Developmental pluripotency-associated protein 3, STELLAR, Stella, Stella-related protein
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Disease relevance of DPPA3


Psychiatry related information on DPPA3

  • These findings suggest a similar role for STELLA during early human development as in mice and a potential involvement in germ cell tumors [5].
  • This study, together with the previously published VBM study (Brambati, S.M., Termine, C., Ruffino, M., Stella, G., Fazio, F., Cappa, S.F. and Perani, D., Regional reductions of gray matter volume in familial dyslexia, Neurology, 63 (2004) 742-5), provides a multiple modality evaluation of familial dyslexia [6].

High impact information on DPPA3


Biological context of DPPA3


Anatomical context of DPPA3

  • The expression patterns of mouse and human DPPA3, in undifferentiated embryonic cells, embryonic germ cells and adult germ cell tumours, together suggest a role for this gene in maintaining cell pluripotentiality [12].
  • Furthermore, we show that STELLA that is expressed in human oocytes is also expressed in human pluripotent cells and in germ cell tumors [5].
  • STELLA, a compartmental modeling software program, was used to develop a kinetic model that includes the blood pool, thyroid, gastrointestinal tract, kidneys, bladder, and a conventional dialysis machine [13].

Associations of DPPA3 with chemical compounds

  • An ocular pharmacokinetic simulation model was constructed for timolol with the Stella program using the absorption and desorption rate constants and previously published in vivo pharmacokinetic parameters [14].
  • Since the simulations were in good agreement with the experimental results, it is concluded that STELLA simulation programme is useful in predicting pilocarpine formation [15].
  • Rates for pilocarpine formation were both determined by experiment and calculated using the STELLA simulation programme with known degradation rate constants of pilocarpic acid diesters and monoesters [15].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of DPPA3

  • To improve understanding of this process, the role of stomata in uptake of gas-phase polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) was investigated using Hemerocallis x hybrida "Black Eyed Stella", a plant with a high stomatal density [16].
  • Endometrial curettage showed a proliferative phase and suspicious fragment resembling Arias Stella reaction [17].


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