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Relative Value Scales

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High impact information on Relative Value Scales

  • Medical care reimbursement: ACR RVS(American College of Radiology Relative Value Scale) close to implementation; Harvard study in the midst of its second phase [1].
  • These findings highlight the need for increased precision in CPT code definitions for cognitive services before they can be adapted to a reimbursement system based upon relative-value scales [2].
  • This survey article summarizes the work in the development of a resource-based relative value scale (RVS), discusses the major issues dealt with by the PPRC, the results of Congressional action, and the issues of concern for optometrists [3].

Gene context of Relative Value Scales

  • Such issues as geographic variation in payment, the ways in which CPT codes are used, a relative-value scale, and the increasing volume of services are being subjected to intense scrutiny, and the commission is drawing conclusions [4].


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