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UCL 1684: a potent blocker of Ca2+ -activated K+ channels in rat adrenal chromaffin cells in culture.

The novel K+ channel blocker 6,10-diaza-3(1,3)8,(1,4)-dibenzena-1,5(1,4)-diquinolinacy clodecaphane (UCL 1684) has been tested for its ability to inhibit Ca2+ -activated K+ currents in cultured rat chromaffin cells. Low nanomolar concentrations of UCL 1684 produced a rapid and reversible inhibition of the slow, apamin-sensitive, tail current activated by a depolarizing voltage command. This compound also inhibited the muscarine activated outward current with an IC50 of 6 nM. These results confirm UCL 1684 to be the most potent non-peptidic blocker of the apamin-sensitive Ca2+ -activated K+ channel so far described.[1]


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