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A phylogeny of aphid parasitoids (Hymenoptera: Braconidae: Aphidiinae) inferred from mitochondrial NADH 1 dehydrogenase gene sequence.

Wasps of the braconid subfamily Aphidiinae are solitary endoparasitoids of aphids. Several aspects of their biology have been the focus of intuitive evolutionary hypotheses which could be tested with a robust phylogeny. Phylogenetic hypotheses have been proposed previously for aphidiines based on morphology, embryology, and DNA sequences. However, many of them are based on a limited number of characters and/or taxa and lack congruence. In addition, many of the inferred phylogenies have not been based upon cladistic analysis. Therefore, a phylogenetic study of Aphidiinae was undertaken, utilizing 465 bp of DNA sequence of the mitochondrial NADH1 dehydrogenase gene. DNA sequences were obtained from 40 taxa, including 14 genera and three outgroups. It is suggested that in agreement with most of the previously proposed phylogenies, the aphidiines, each of the three recognized tribes (Praini, Ephedrini, Aphidiini), and most genera are monophyletic. In contrast to previously proposed phylogenies, the clade of Praon + Dyscritulus (=Praini), rather than Ephedrini, is basal among the aphidiines.[1]


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