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Ocular myasthenia gravis: predictive value of single-fiber electromyography.

Extraocular muscle weakness is the most common presenting sign of myasthenia gravis (MG). More than half of patients presenting with symptoms isolated to these muscles ( OMG) develop generalized myasthenia gravis (GMG) over the course of their illness. No clinical, laboratory, or electrophysiological features are recognized that identify these high-risk patients. We have therefore assessed the ability of single-fiber electromyography (SFEMG) to predict the development of GMG in patients presenting with OMG. Thirty-nine consecutive patients presenting with OMG underwent SFEMG of the extensor digitorum communis muscle as well as a battery of other laboratory and imaging studies at the time of diagnosis. All patients were followed prospectively for a minimum of 24 months or until they developed GMG. Two patients were excluded, leaving 37 for assessment. Twenty remained with pure OMG for the entire follow-up period (mean, 55 months). Twenty-six of the 37 had abnormal SFEMG studies at presentation. Eleven of these remained with OMG and 15 developed GMG. Fifty-eight percent of patients with an abnormal SFEMG developed GMG, whereas 82% of those with a normal study remained with OMG. Thus, a normal SFEMG was associated with MG remaining restricted to the extraocular muscles. (P = 0.036, Fisher's exact test), but an abnormal SFEMG was not predictive of subsequent development of GMG.[1]


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