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Effect of lactoferrin on oxidative stability of corn oil emulsions and liposomes.

Interest in using lactoferrin in foods for its antimicrobial activity inspired the present study of its antioxidant activity. Natural bovine lactoferrin inhibited oxidation in buffered corn oil emulsions and lecithin liposome systems at pH 6.6 and 50 degrees C. The antioxidant activity increased with lactoferrin concentration in both phosphate- and Tris-buffered emulsions, but not in both buffered liposome systems. A mixture of 1 microM lactoferrin and 0.5 microM ferrous ions was a significantly better antioxidant than 1 microM lactoferrin alone in Tris-buffered emulsions and in phosphate-buffered liposomes. Lactoferrin was a prooxidant at 1 microM in phosphate-buffered liposomes and at 15 and 20 microM in Tris-buffered liposomes. Copper was a stronger prooxidant than iron in both buffered emulsions. Lactoferrin decreased the prooxidant effect of iron, but not of copper, in emulsions. The antioxidant or prooxidant activities of lactoferrin depended on the lipid system, buffer, its concentration, the presence of metal ions, and oxidation time.[1]


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