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A new platelet receptor specific to type III collagen. Type III collagen-binding protein.

Platelet interaction with type III collagen is mediated by several platelet receptors that recognize specific sequences in collagen. We previously described an octapeptide KP*GEP*GPK within the alpha(1)III-CB4 fragment that binds to platelets and specifically inhibits platelet aggregation induced by type III collagen. In this study, we demonstrated that the octapeptide prevented platelet contact and spreading on type III collagen and subendothelium under static and flow conditions. Platelets adhered to the immobilized octapeptide, and anti-bodies directed against other platelet collagen receptors (glycoprotein (GP) Ia/IIa, GP IV, p65, p47) did not impair this adhesion. The platelet octapeptide receptor was identified by ligand blotting as a protein doublet with molecular masses of 68 and 72 kDa and does not correspond to any other already known platelet collagen receptors (GP Ia, GP IV GP VI, and p65). Our results indicate that a specific type III collagen receptor, expressed on the platelet surface, is involved in the first stages of platelet type III collagen interaction.[1]


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