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Influence of soil pH-sorption interactions on imazethapyr carry-over.

Soil pH affects imazethapyr sorption-desorption, which in turn can affect persistence and bioavailability. Long-term imazethapyr carry-over has been observed in soil that is below pH 6.5, resulting in significant sugarbeet damage. Imazethapyr concentration decreased rapidly in field soil, regardless of pH. Despite similar amounts of imazethapyr remaining in aged soils at different pH levels, there were differences in bioavailability, which can be explained by sorption-desorption. At low pH more imazethapyr was sorbed than at high pH, but it readily desorbed. At high pH less imazethapyr was sorbed initially, but it did not readily desorb. Thus, after 3 months, the remaining imazethapyr in low-pH soil was desorbable and bioavailable, resulting in injury to canola and sugarbeet. Liming aged, low-pH soil released bound imazethapyr residues, which would then be degraded and result in less carry-over.[1]


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