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Patients' perceptions of a telemedicine specialty clinic.

We studied patients' perceptions of telemedicine (interactive video) as a means of delivering specialist oncology/haematology care. Semistructured telephone interviews were performed with 22 patients attending a tele-oncology/haematology clinic in Kansas. Interviews were audio-taped and thematic content analysis of the transcripts was done. The response rate was 96%. All participants expressed satisfaction with their tele-consultations. For 50% of respondents, satisfaction with the tele-oncology/haematology clinic was qualified by two factors: participants also saw the specialist in person on occasions and the clinic was perceived as providing mainly a 'monitoring' function. In addition, 9 of the 22 patients expressed concern about the role of the nurse as a proxy for the doctor in performing certain parts of the physical examination. Overall, participants valued improved access to specialist services but had clear views as to the limitations of such a service. As the use of telecommunications technology grows, patient perspectives merit greater attention.[1]


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