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Studies on insulin action. V. Structural requirements of primers for subsequent accumulation of D-glucose at 0 degrees C in insulinized frog muscles.

Systematic analysis was made of structural requirements for possible priming action of D-glucose and 40 related compounds in the presence of insulin to enhance subsequent labeled D-glucose uptake at 0 degrees C. It was concluded that a major portion if not all of the H-bonding groups on the D-glucose molecules are involved although their relative importance varies. Free OH and H on C-1, and upward orientation of OH and downward orientation of H on C-3, are the most important. Orientation of OH, H, and CH2OH on C-2, C-4, and C-5 are also important, but their perturbations are not nearly as detrimental to the priming action as those on C-1 and C-3.[1]


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