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Composition of essential oil of costmary [Balsamita major (L.) Desf. ] at different growth phases.

The essential oils from leaves and flowers of costmary, Balsamita major (L.) Desf. (syn. Chrysanthemum balsamita L.), were analyzed at various phases of plant growth. The highest contents of oil both in leaves and in flowers were determined before full blooming, 1.15 and 1.34% (w/w), respectively. Seventy-eight volatile compounds have been identified in the oils of Balsamita major, of which 58 (19 tentatively, 39 positively) have not been reported in this plant previously. Carvone and alpha-thujone were found to be dominating compounds constituting from 51.8 to 68.0% and from 9.0 to 16.1% in the total oil, respectively. Seasonal variations in the oil compositions were not considerable except for the starting phase (May 25, 1995), when the content of carvone was lower and the content of alpha-thujone and sesquiterpenes higher. The content of sesquiterpenes was approximately 2 times higher in flowers than in the leaves. Absolute amount of most components was highest at the bud formation period.[1]


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