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Aquaporin 4: lack of mRNA expression in the rat regenerating muscle fiber under denervation.

The recently identified water channel aquaporin 4 is a major component of the orthogonal arrays observed with freeze-fracture electron microscopy. We examined the expression of aquaporin 4 mRNA and protein in rat regenerating muscle under innervated and denervated conditions. We found decreased sarcolemmal immunostaining of aquaporin 4 in denervated regenerating muscle as opposed to innervated muscle. Quantitative reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction revealed that aquaporin 4 mRNA was expressed in the innervated regenerating muscle; whereas it was not expressed in denervated muscle. Thus, lack of aquaporin 4 protein may be due to lack of aquaporin 4 mRNA in the denervated regenerating muscle. We conclude that the nerve supply influences expression of aquaporin 4 at the mRNA level in regenerating muscle.[1]


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