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Chemical compound and disease context of Denervation


Biological context of Denervation


Anatomical context of Denervation


Associations of Denervation with chemical compounds

  • Denervation thus causes the clustered junctional acetylcholine receptors to assume the rapid turnover characteristic of extrajunctional receptors before innervation [30].
  • These observations suggest that an increase in alphaadrenergic receptor numbers may account for the denervation supersensitivity to infused norepinephrine in patients with sympathetic degeneration [31].
  • Consistent with this concept, we show here that selective sensory-fiber denervation with capsaicin and targeted deletion of the PPT-A gene protect murine lungs against both immune complex-mediated and stretch-mediated injuries [32].
  • The enhancement of ileal glucose absorption was half-maximal in 40-45 d, could be reversed by 10 d of treatment with insulin and did not result from adrenergic denervation [33].
  • Changes in glomerular hemodynamic response to angiotensin II after subacute renal denervation in rats [34].

Gene context of Denervation

  • Accelerated response of the myogenin gene to denervation in mutant mice lacking phosphorylation of myogenin at threonine 87 [35].
  • Four AML1 transcripts are expressed in denervated muscle, and the abundance of each transcript increases after denervation [36].
  • Natural history of denervation in SMA: relation to age, SMN2 copy number, and function [37].
  • The comparable response to leptin under intravenous or intracerebroventricular infusion and the loss of responsiveness after denervation strongly suggest that the acute effects of leptin involve central signaling pathways [38].
  • In conclusion, our observations strongly indicate that myenteric denervation in acute-phase T. cruzi infection is because of IFN-gamma-elicited NO production resulting from iNOS activation in the inflammatory foci along the intestinal wall [39].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Denervation


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