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Genetic control of multiple pathways of post-replicational repair in uvrB strains of Escherichia coli K-12.

The effect of the recA, uvrD, exrA, and recB mutations and of post-irradiation treatment with chloramphenicol on the survival and post-replication repair after ultraviolet irradiation of uvrB strains of Escherichia coli K-12 was examined. Each of these mutations or treatments was found to decrease survival and the extent of repair. The interactions of the inhibitory effects of the uvrD, exaA, and recB mutations and chloramphenicol treatment were determined by examining the survival and repair characteristics of the several multiple mutants. The survival results suggest that the post-replication repair process in uvrB strains may be subdivided into at least five different branches. These include three branches that are blocked by the exrA, recB, or uvrD mutation, a fourth branch that is blocked by any of these mutations and is also sensitive to chloramphenicol treatment, and at least one additional branch that is not sensitive to either of these mutations or to chloramphenicol treatment. The extent of post-replicational repair observed with each of the strains is in general agreement with the pathways postulated on the basis of the survival data, although there are several apparent exceptions to this correlation.[1]


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