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Seasonal alterations in circadian melatonin rhythms of the European wild boar and domestic gilt.

The aims of the present study were: 1) to determine if the European wild boar exhibits a circadian pattern of melatonin secretion under its natural light environment; 2) to compare this pattern with the pattern in domestic pigs reared under the light environment typical for domesticity; and 3) to determine if there are seasonal alterations in melatonin rhythms. Four to six young, pure-bred, European wild boars and four to six cross-bred (Yorkshire x Finnish Landrace) domestic gilts were sampled at 2-hr intervals for 48 hr at the spring/autumn equinoxes and summer/winter solstices. Samples were obtained via saphenous arterial catheters from the wild boars and via ear vein catheters from the domestic gilts. The ambient light intensity was recorded simultaneously with sampling both outdoors and indoors. Following ether extraction, the serum samples were assayed for melatonin using a commercial RIA (Bühlman). All the experimental animals exhibited a distinct circadian pattern in melatonin secretion, with high concentrations occurring during the scotophase. There was no difference in scotophase melatonin response between the wild boars and domestic gilts in any season in terms of mean melatonin concentration or peak value. The mean duration of increased melatonin secretion (more than two standard deviations over a mean photophase concentration) in 24 hr in the wild boars in spring, summer, autumn and winter, was 10, 6, 11 and 17 hr, respectively, and in the domestic gilts, 9, 8, 12 and 11 hr, respectively. These results demonstrate the existence of circadian rhythm in melatonin secretion in both the European wild boar and domestic pig. In both groups, the duration of secretion is subject to seasonal alterations. The results suggest no difference in photoperiodic-melatonin transduction between the European wild boar and domestic pig whether due to altered genotype or reduced light environment.[1]


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