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Effect of urea and pantothenol on the permeation of progesterone through excised rat skin from polymer matrix systems.

Standard in vitro permeation experiments, using excised rat skin, were carried out to establish the release profile and permeation behavior of progesterone from polymethacrylate (PMA), polyvinylpyrrolidon (PVP), and polyvinylalcohol (PVA) transdermal systems. Data obtained show significant differences in release characteristics from each polymer systems. The greatest amount of progesterone was released from the PVA system. The influence of urea and pantothenol on progesterone release was also investigated. Release data were compared with the permeation rates of progesterone across excised rat skin. The highest permeation rates were measured from PVA matrices containing 5% urea (860 +/- 138 micrograms/cm2; cumulative amount permeated in 24 hr) and from PVP matrices containing 6% pantothenol (660 +/- 73 micrograms/cm2; cumulative amount permeated in 24 hr). A good correlation between release and permeation data was found with the polymer matrices; however, this was not the case when additives were included.[1]


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