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Influence of metham sodium on suppression of collar rot disease of peanut, in vitro antibiosis, siderophore production and root colonization by a fluorescent pseudomonad strain FPO4.

A hydroxamate type siderophore producing fluorescent Pseudomonas strain, isolated from the rhizoplane of paddy root showing plant growth promoting activity, exhibited a decreased in vitro antibiosis, production of siderophore and suppression of collar rot in presence of metham sodium. Use of herbicide had a detrimental effect on the plant growth promoting activity of this organism. The multiple drug resistant mutant strain derived from this rhizobacteria colonized the roots, but the herbicide application had a negative effect on their population. HPLC analysis of the siderophore showed five peaks of which the peak number three confirmed the antifungal activity.[1]


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