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Expansion of the antigenic repertoire of a single T cell receptor upon T cell activation.

Activated T cells and their naive precursors display different functional avidities for peptide/MHC, but are thought to have identical antigenic repertoires. We show that, following activation with a cognate mimotope ( NRP), diabetogenic CD8(+) T cells expressing a single TCR (8.3) respond vigorously to numerous peptide analogs of NRP that were unable to elicit any responses from naive 8.3-CD8(+) T cells, even at high concentrations. The NRP-reactive, in vivo activated CD8(+) cells arising in pancreatic islets of nonobese diabetic mice are similarly promiscuous for peptide/MHC, and paradoxically this promiscuity expands as the aviditiy of the T cell population for NRP/MHC increases with age. Thus, activation and avidity maturation of T lymphocyte populations can lead to dramatic expansions in the range of peptides that elicit functional T cell responses.[1]


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