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Fenhexamid residues in grapes and wine.

The behaviour of the fungicide, fenhexamid, on grapes, and during wine-making, as well as its effect on the microflora of alcoholic and malolactic fermentation has been studied. After treatment, the residue on grapes decreased rapidly to one-third of the initial level after the first week, while it remained constant during the following two weeks. At harvest, in the wine obtained by vinification without skins, the fungicide residue decreased on average by 49%, while in the wine obtained by vinification with skins, the decrease was on average 62%. The presence of this fungicide on grapes and in the wine did not affect alcoholic and malolactic fermentation, nor did fermentation cause any degradation of the fungicide. A simple and rapid gas chromatograhic method (GC- NPD) for the determination of fenhexamid residues in grapes, must and wine is described.[1]


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