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A spectrophotometric-partial least squares (PLS-1) method for the simultaneous determination of furosemide and amiloride hydrochloride in pharmaceutical formulations.

A numerical method, based on the use of spectrophotometric data coupled to PLS-1 multivariate calibration, is reported for the simultaneous determination of furosemide and amiloride hydrochloride in synthetic samples and commercial tablets. The method was applied in the concentration ranges of 8.0-13.0 mg l(-1) for furosemide and 1.0-1.6 mg l(-1) for amiloride hydrochloride. Its accuracy and precision were determined, and it was validated by the analysis of synthetic mixtures of both drugs. The method was successfully applied to the quantitation of furosemide and amiloride hydrochloride in three different pharmaceutical formulations, providing results in agreement with those obtained by HPLC. It allowed the rapid, accurate and precise simultaneous estimation of the concentration of both analytes of interest in spite of their important spectral overlap, high concentration relationship and the presence of small amounts of different, unmodelled, absorbing excipients.[1]


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