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Immunocyte Ca2+ influx system mediated by LTRPC2.

We characterized an activation mechanism of the human LTRPC2 protein, a member of the transient receptor potential family of ion channels, and demonstrated that LTRPC2 mediates Ca2+ influx into immunocytes. Intracellular pyrimidine nucleotides, adenosine 5'-diphosphoribose (ADPR), and nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD), directly activated LTRPC2, which functioned as a Ca2+-permeable nonselective cation channel and enabled Ca2+ influx into cells. This activation was suppressed by intracellular adenosine triphosphate. These results reveal that ADPR and NAD act as intracellular messengers and may have an important role in Ca2+ influx by activating LTRPC2 in immunocytes.[1]


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