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Linkage and association to candidate regions in Swedish atopic dermatitis families.

We have studied, in 406 families with at least two siblings affected with atopic dermatitis (in total 1514 individuals) from the Swedish population, linkage and association to five chromosomal regions (2q35, 5q31-33, 6p21, 11q13 and 14q11) previously implicated in atopic diseases. The region on 14q11 gave evidence for linkage to atopic dermatitis ( NPL-score: 2.36, P<0.009). In the 11q13 region, there was a clear association to an intragenic marker in the beta-subunit of the high-affinity IgE receptor for raised allergen-specific serum IgE levels (P<0.009). When a quantitative variable for the severity of atopic dermatitis was studied, evidence was found in favour of linkage to the 5q31-33 region, with the highest Z-score (2.06) close to the marker D5S458 (P<0.005).[1]


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